Awesomness alert! Awesomeness alert!

by Megan Lloyd | 5 years ago

Happy Monday friends!  Did you have an awesome weekend? We sure hope so!! 

Have any of you had snow yet? We got some this is so quiet, so lovely, and SO magical.  While driving in it is not my most favorite activity, it was great to see this morning!  It also reminds me of our upcoming holidays, speaking of which...Thanksgiving is just a week from Thursday.  10 days people!!! While I am super excited, there is so much to do before then!! Whether you are in the same predicament as me or not (can I get lessons??)...I think we all need to take a break, sit back, and enjoy the awesome creations our designers have made with the Mercury Glass stack.  Thanksgiving plans will flow naturally into place after the creative inspiration download, right?? 

Courtesy of Jessi

Courtesy of Agata

Courtesy of Sharon

Courtesy of Karla

Courtesy of Veronika

Courtesy of Shilpa

Courtesy of Karen H.

Courtesy of Valerie

Courtesy of Karla

Courtesy of Karen J.

Courtesy of Shilpa

Courtesy of Lisa

Courtesy of Yolie

Courtesy of Jeri

Nice job ladies! We sure love the group of girls we get to work with—they are inspiring!  If you see a project you like, the team at AC Moore is adding the project sheets to their website this week.  Be sure and keep an eye on this page. If you need them sooner, please email meganlloyd(at)dcwv(dot)com.  I can send over earlier as needed.

Have a creative and inspiring day! 


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