Festive Envelopes

by Alizabeth Rinner-Wheatley | 4 years ago

Hi friends! This is Lizzy, official photographer and videographer for DCWV.  Megan asked me to share a recent project of mine with goes!

First of all, I just have to say...I LOVE snail mai! it’s always such a treat to expect boring bills in my mailbox and instead find a handwritten letter! I try to make sure cards and envelopes I send out are custom and stand out in the mailbox, so my loved ones know they’re special. The All About Christmas stack at JoAnn (it's the 180 sheet stack) is perfect for making festive envelopes to hold your Christmas cards! Want to see how I did it?

First, I cut out our envelope pattern pdf. Then I chose all my paper from the stack (the fun part!!).

Once you trace the pattern onto your chosen papers, cut them out.  

After that, you can fold in the two matching sides.

Next, fold up the bottom flap with the flat edge. Fold it back, and apply adhesive to the diagonal edges but not the top flat edge. Using a tape runner makes this super quick! I used Tombow MONO Adhesive Permanent.


Once your adhesive is applied, fold the bottom flap back up to secure it to the side flaps.

Fold the remaining flap down. Now you can fill your envelope with a card or letter and secure it with more adhesive, tape, a cute sticker, or a wax seal.

This stack is amazing- there are so many possibilities!

Happy Crafting!


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