Halloween or Fall?

by Jessi Pascarella | 5 years ago

Hello, friends! It is Jessi from the DCWV Social Media design team. It is October! When it comes time to decorating the house, this is the month that I get confused on how to decorate! Do I do Fall or do I bring out the Halloween? I used to decorate for Halloween two weeks out. However, the home décor is getting cuter and cuter and harder to resist!

When I saw the DCWV Hats, Bats, Cats Project Stack, I knew exactly how I wanted to use part of the stack.



DCWV project stacks are awesome to work with. The projects take no time at all to complete. All you need to do is pop the pieces out and assemble. Let's start with the bats.



The stack includes several different sizes of bats. You pop the bats out of the stack and fold along the crease lines. You can do so many things with these bats. I taped them to a mirror. You can tape them to walls and doors. They can even hang from the ceiling fans and swirl around in the breeze.



Next up are the cats. The cats are super easy to create, but do involve some gluing. To start, you pop out all the pieces. Complete the cat head by fold and gluing along the creased line. It is time to attach the head to the body at that point. On the sheet, there are two strips of paper. The short one is used to attach the head to the body and the longer one is for the tail.

If you are in need of quick decorations for your Halloween party or want to decorations that look super cool, you can find the Hats, Bats, Cats Project Stack at JoAnn Stores. 

Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful day!



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