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by Jessi Pascarella | 5 years ago

Hello, DCWV friends! It is Jessi from the DCWV Social Marketing design team. Can you believe that Valentine's Day is less than one month away! Perfect timing to bring out the Valentine's Day décor!

I have a fireplace mantel that I leave the same décor on year round. However, this past Thanksgiving, I decided to decorate it for the fall. I had so much fun switching the décor from fall to winter and have been looking forward to doing something different for Valentine's Day. 

Recently, I received some new available product, Gold Threaded Burlap, at Hobby Lobby stores. One stack was of burlap paper that included strand of gold throughout the burlap. I knew right away, I wanted to make a banner with it! So I trimmed the sheet to make the banner pendants. Time to gather up the supplies!



Next thing to do is to paint the letters using stencils. 



To help bring out the gold touches, I wanted to added additional gold to the banner. Using DCWV Foil cardstock, I punched out hearts and created these doilies to be placed in between the pendants. After the paint dried, I punched holes in the top corners of the pendants. (These will be where you where string the pendants together). 



To piece the banner together, fold the doilies in half and glue with the twine in the crease. Place the first pendant of the banner and attach another doily. Repeat until the banner is complete!



Thank you for stopping by today! Be sure to keep visiting! There are some amazing things in work at DCWV! We cannot wait to share them with you! 




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