One is the Loneliest number!

by Karen Hanson | 5 years ago


Hi everyone.  It’s Social Media Design Team Member Karen and I am have a little story to share with you today!

Some of you might know that I live up in Calgary, Canada.  It’s a large and beautiful city close to the well know town of Banff, Alberta.  A few years ago, after moving into a new home, my husband and I decided to revamp our backyard, adding as many edible plants as we could.  I was most excited about the sour cherry bushes – a special variety hearty enough for our Calgary climate.  Well, I was not the only one excited about the cherry bushes…the wild hares in our neighborhood devoured one of our bushes the first year it was in.  Although the bush recovered, it was pounded to bits by a severe hail storm the year after.


By year three, the bush was still growing was in a bit of a state.  It didn’t seem to be flowering much and it was growing in all sorts of strange directions.  We still hadn’t seen any cherries on it, and I was ready to start new.  Perhaps cherries were not in the future for us after all.  But as I walked home from work one afternoon, I saw the straggly bush from a distance and said to my husband – “I am not ready to give up on it just yet.  One more year.” 

By the middle of the summer we had four cherries, but not for long!  The birds swooped in and within a day, we were down to one.  One lonely cherry.  Well, we got out the nets and wrapped the bush up in any way we could to protect our one last hope (and I got out my camera just in case).  We managed to keep that one cherry until it ripened, and carefully cut it into four small pieces…one for each member of our family.  Who knew such a small piece of cherry could taste of so much success!

When the DCWV Birds and Butterflies stack arrived at my door, I knew the perfect paper had arrived to scrap the picture I had of my one, lone cherry.  And once I got out my scissors and started fussy cutting some elements for the page, I couldn’t help but smile!  The branch and the bird so carefully eyeing that one cherry helps tell the story of this bush in a fun and colourful way.  


And the fact that it made my hubby laugh a little when he looked at the layout on the kitchen table this morning made me remember once again why I love telling stories through scrapbooking so much!  


Thanks for stopping by!



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