Our last Friend Friday Hop with Chameleon...for now...

by Megan Lloyd | 4 years ago

Can you believe that 3 Fridays have come...and nearly gone? The time has passed so fast! We have been so blessed to participate in this creative event with Chameleon; we sure love seeing the projects their designers come up with!

We would have to say though, too, that our designers have done a pretty wonderful job with their sets of Chameleon pens and our paper. Today is no exception! When you get to the end of the blog post, be sure to leave us a comment to let them know just what you think.  By commenting, you also have chance to win a stack (we'll pick 2 winners). We'd definitely recommend visiting their individual blogs as well for more tips and tricks (and inside photos!).  Last, but also just as important, be sure to check out the magical creations from the Chameleon designers here (and then enter to win their giveaway!).

Ready to get started? We are!

Courtesy of Shilpa

Courtesy of Veronika

Courtesy of Karen

Courtesy of Thomisia

Courtesy of Jenifer

Courtesy of Veronika

Courtesy of Rhonda

Courtesy of Shilpa

Courtesy of Jessi

Courtesy of Agata


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