Spooky Delight Cat treat boxes

by Karen Hanson | 5 years ago

Hi everyone!  I’m Social Media Design Team member Karen and today I am sharing a fun and simple project using the new 6X6 Spooky Delight stack now available at Jo-Ann.  I love working with 6X6 stacks – partially because I make a lot of cards, but also because I love the smaller prints and designs.  In a lot of cases, I also find the size of the paper perfect for all sorts of craft projects, saving me a step and the anxiety I often feel cutting my larger sheets down to smaller sizes.  


These little cat-inspired treat containers were so simple to make.  I simply scored a sheet of the 6x6 paper about 1-1.5” up from one edge, and then cut up to the score line in multiple places across the same edge (this became the bottom end of the cat).  I then rolled up the paper, placing adhesive down about 2” from the top edge of the roll and pinched the top closed.  I used a pair of scissors to cut a “v-shape” through the adhesive and roll and then added some eyes and a little nose.  

I filled the rolls up with some candy and then folded in all the little tabs I created at the scored end, sealing up the treat container by hot gluing the roll onto a cut out circle.  With a little ribbon from one of our partner companies - May Arts, and a long pipe cleaner tale, these little Halloween feline friends took shape. 

Now I have to tell you that my little 6 and 4 year old gals were quick to point out that these do look a little bit like owls (actually, I believe their words were – “Mommy, those are cute owls!”), so perhaps a few whiskers might be in the works for the next batch.  But the good news is that you can use the same technique to make some owl friends to go with your cats and you will be all set for Halloween (perhaps minus the tails).  Either way – cats or owls – I would argue that these put the Delight in Spooky!

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