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Butterfly Bag

Butterfly Bag:

Size of paper needed to make the project: 11”x17”
Approximate Crafting Time: 30 to 45 minutes per box

Need a place to store do-dads, bits and bobs, and other treasures? How about a custom Butterfly gift bag?


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  • DCWV 11”x17” Premium Stack: White Cardstock with Bright Foil Accents
  • DCWV Butterfly box template
  • Scissors
  • Craft knife
  • Bone folder or scoring tool
  • Paper Crafting Adhesive 
  1. Trace the butterfly box template onto the back of desired print. Cut it out, along the solid lines, to make four box sides.
  2. Using the template as guide, score and fold each box side along the dotted lines.
  3. Cut a square in the same dimensions as the sides to make a box base.
  4. Adhere the sides of the box to the base.
  5. Fold the sides up and adhere the box sides to each other, leaving the top open.
  6. Repeat as desired. 
  • Use this for party favor bags, tea time gift bags, and more.
  • Template can be enlarged or reduced in size, depending on the end need.
  • Embellish the box with ribbons and rhinestones or leave as is.