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Lost & Found™ Black and Gray Bauble Bracelet

Lost & Found™ Birds in Flight Necklace

Lost & Found™ Three Strands Cameo Necklace

Chandelier-ish Necklace

Three Strands Blue Charms Necklace

Lost & Found™ Purse Dangles

Lost & Found™ Antique Gold Locket Necklace and Bracelet

Lost & Found™ Owl Necklace

Lost & Found™ Cameo Necklace and Bracelet

Lost & Found™ Fleur De Lis Necklace

Lost & Found™ Mona Lisa Necklace and Bracelet

Reflections™ Heart Bracelet

Reflections™ Star Bracelet

Celebrate Bracelet

Positively Regal Bracelet

Turquoise Bauble Bracelet

Wood and Ceramic Bracelet

Natural Elegance Coral and Wood Bracelet

Reflections™ Coral and Turquoise Shell Bracelet

Reflections™ Lavender Crystal and Charm Necklace

Reflections™ “Love is Patient” Necklace

Reflections™ Turquoise and Metal Bracelet

Reflections™ Topaz Crystal Necklace and Earrings

Reflections™ Multi-strand Black Cord Bracelet

Reflections™ Key Ring

Reflections™ Jade and Silver Link Necklace

Reflections™ Jade and Silver Link Bracelet

Reflections™ Gold Leaf Necklace

Reflections™ Cord & Charm Bracelet

Reflections™ Braided Cord and Word Tag Bracelet

Reflections™ Braided Cord and Word Charm Bracelet

Heart & Soul Dangle Necklace

Heart & Soul Hope Necklace

Heart & Soul Charm Necklace

Inspirations Necklace

Inspirations Bracelet

Emerald Earrings

Luxe Strands

Softly Natural

Wild Bracelet

Splash Necklace

Emerald Dreams Necklace

Rain Drops Necklace

Leopard Luck Bracelet

Pearl Elegance Choker

Glass Pearl Necklace

Firestarter Necklace

Ivy Leaves Necklace

Seaside Serenity

Autumn Splendor Necklace

Simple Pearl Strand