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Lost & Found Sea Life Bracelet


1. Crimp one end of tiger tail to lobster clasp tab. Use two crimp beads for extra strength since the beads are large.
2. Open a link on the chain about 10-12” from the end. Remove the link, making two pieces of chain. Use the short piece for this bracelet.
3. Using chain nose pliers, open the first link on the chain, attach it to the hole in the tab along with the tiger tail, and close the link.
4. String one pearl on tiger tail. Also string tiger tail through a link in the chain so the chain just fits around the pearl. Repeat stringing a pearl with the chain around it until the bracelet is the length you need.
5. Crimp the other end of the tiger tail to the lobster clasp. Attach the chain to the loop of the lobster clasp.
6. Let the chain dangle 2 or 3 inches. Trim if needed.
7. Using jump rings, attach 4 charms to the dangling chain.

1. Using a jump ring. Open the jump ring using two pair of pliers by twisting the ends away from each other. Never pull the ends apart. String the open jump ring through loop. Twist jump ring closed.


Blue Moon Beads® Lost & Found™, 1 pkg each BM11644 16mm glass pearls, black BM12347 Small silver chain BM11639 Findings value pack (you need a lobster clasp and 4 jump rings and 4 crimp beads) BM12395 Silver charms, ocean assortment 12” of tiger tail Crimping tool