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Frosting™ Ribbons and Hearts Necklace and Earrings


1. Create a dangle with a Heart Cathedral Clear/Silver Glass Pendant using Basic Loop Technique.
2. Cut a 3” length of 24Ga silver wire.
3. Create a connector by sliding on it 1-8mm Round Stardust Silver Bead and 1-Hexagonal Clear/Silver Glass Bead using Basic Wrapping Loop Technique, ensuring that this bead unit is connected to the heart dangle on the one side before closing a loop.
4. Cut a 10” length of Tiger Tail.
5. String beaded dangle on the middle of tiger tail.
6. String: (1- Hexagonal Clear/Silver Glass Bead, 1-8mm Round Silver Stardust Bead) x 2 times, 1- Hexagonal Clear/Silver Glass Bead on the each side of dandle.
7. Cut two 17” lengths of 3/8” Black Ribbon.
8. Attach Tiger Tail ends to the Ribbon (1” from edge) using crimping technique.
9. Glue or sew Ribbon short ends to the back.


1. To make a first stretchy bracelet string:
(2-8mm Round Silver Stardust Beads, 1- Hexagonal Clear/Silver Glass Bead) x 6 times on a 12” length of Stretchy Cord.
2. Make a knot.
3. Begin to make second stretchy bracelet by creating 3-Heart Cathedral Clear/Silver Glass Pendant dangles using Wrapping Loop Technique.
4. String components onto a second piece of Stretchy Cord in the following order:
(1-8mm Round Silver Stardust Bead, 1-heart dangle, 1-8mm Round Silver Stardust Bead, 1-Hexagonal Clear/Silver Bead, 2-8mm round Silver Stardust Beads, 1-Hexagonal Clear/Silver Bead) x 3 times.
5. Make a knot.
6. Cut a 17” length of Black Ribbon.
7. Make a bow above both bracelets.


1. Create a dangle with a 1-8mm Round Silver Stardust Bead using Basic Loop Technique.
2. Create a connector with 1-Hexagonal Clear/Silver Glass Bead using Basic Loop Technique.
3. Attach Hexagonal Clear/Silver Bead connector to the Silver Ear Wire on the one side and to a 8mm Round Stardust Bead on the other.
4. Cut 12” length of a Black Ribbon.
5. Make a bow around an Ear Wire. Trim the ends to make a nice bow look.
6. Repeat all steps above to make second earring.


31pc/2 pkg - 8mm Stardust Silver Beads BM12978
21pc/2 pkg - Hexagonal Clear/Silver Beads BM12887
4pc/2 pkg -Heart Cathedral Clear/Silver Pendants BM12860
3pc/1 pkg - 2" Silver Eye Pins
6pc/1 pkg - 2" Silver Head Pins
2pc/1 pkg - Silver Crimps
10"/1 pkg - Silver Tiger Tail
2 – Silver Ear Wire
24" 1mm Stretchy Cord
75" -3/8" Black Ribbon