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Tokens™ Enthusiast's Necklaces


Sewing Necklace

1. Cut 7-inch and 9-inch lengths of fine cable chain and attach the lobster clasp to one end of each chain.
2. Attach the other chain ends to the Scissors Pendant top loops using oval jump rings.
3. Attach four pieces from the Sewing Charms Set to the Scissors Pendant using oval jump rings.

1 – Silver Scissors Pendant BM17734 (1 pkg)
4 – Sewing Charms Set BM17684 (1 pkg)
8 – Silver Oval Jump Rings (1 pkg)
1 – Silver Lobster Clasp (1 pkg)
16 in. – Silver Fine Cable Chain (1 pkg)

Rider’s Necklace

1. Cut a 5-inch length of silver fine chain, then attach one end to the lobster clasp using a 4mm jump ring.
2. Cut two 1½-inch lengths of silver fine chain.
3. Create one side of the necklace by connecting the parts using 4mm jump rings in the following order: 5-inch chain, black acrylic connector, 1½-inch chain, black acrylic connector, 1½-inch chain.
4. Attach this necklace part to “Ride” connector loop using a 4mm jump ring.
5. Apply steps 1–4 to make the other side of the necklace.
6. Cut three lengths of silver fine chain: 2 inch, 1¼ inch and ½ inch.
7. Attach Horse Charms to one end of each chain using 4mm jump rings, then attach the chains to the “Ride” connector loops using 4mm jump rings.
8. Attach small Horse Charm to “Ride” connector loop using the 6mm jump ring.

5 – Horse/Ride Charms BM17674 (1 pkg)
4 – Black Acrylic Connectors (1 pkg)
17 – 4mm Silver Jump Rings
1 – 6mm Silver Jump Ring
1 – Silver Lobster Clasp
19¾ in. – Silver Fine Chain


Chain Nose Pliers, Wire Cutters