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Ms. Smooshie

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MJ Nash
Simi Valley, CA

My Smooshie's name is Ms. Smooshie (pronounced Mizzzz Smooshie). She loves to travel. She has travelled all over the world - to China, Japan, and in the United States. In Japan, when she was feelng lonely she made a new friend, Baby Panda, who kept her company while waiting in the airport in Tokyo. Now they're BFF's! On our last trip, in the state of Washington, Ms. Smooshie changed her look so that she had fangs and could protect us from all of the scary animals while we were hiking in the woods. Then, when we went to a river, she changed her legs so she had her three-toed legs which are great for swimming. I love traveling with my Ms. Smooshie - she is cuddly and huggable and keeps me company. And she is really easy to pack! I can't wait to go on our next trip together!