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Natural Elegance™ Antique Silver Owl Pendant Necklace


Necklace Materials:
1-Antique Silver Owl Pendant BM14442
12-Green Stone Side Drilled Beads BM14395
24-Black Stone Side Drilled Beads BM14357
24 inches-Silver Oval Link Chain BM11171
18-Dark Green Seed Beads
2-Silver Crimp Beads
72 inches-26 Gauge Silver Wire
10 inches-Tiger Tail

Necklace Instruction:
1. Cut 24 inch length of Silver Oval Link Chain.
2. Cut 10 inch length of tiger tail, then attach one end to last chain link using crimping technique.
3. String components onto tiger tail in the following order:
3-seed beads, (1-Green Stone Bead, 1-seed bead) x 6, Owl Pendant, (1-seed bead, 1-Green Stone Bead) x 6, 3-seed beads.
4. Attach tiger tail end to last chain link on other side using crimping technique.
5. Cut 3 inch length of 26 gauge wire, slide Black Stone Bead to center and create a wrapped loop, ensuring that this dangle is attached to one side of 5th chain link above Pendant part.
6. Repeat step 5 to create 2nd dangle and attach it to other side of same chain link as 1st dangle.
7. Apply steps 5–6 two more times for 6th & 7th chain links above Pendant part.
8. Repeat steps 5–7 to create and attach the same portion of dangles to the 11th, 12th and 13th chain links.
9. Apply steps 5–8 to other side of necklace.
NOTE: Sort all Black Stone Beads by size before wrapping. Place larger dangles closer to Pendant fragment, reducing size of dangles toward ends.