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Natural Elegance™ Mother-of-Pearl Dangle and Silver Starfish Pendant Necklace and Earring Set


Mother-of-Pearl Dangle Necklace Materials:
15-Mother-of-Pearl Eye Shape Dangles BM11033
5-Silver Plated Starfish Pendants BM10272
1 strand-Brown E Beads BM13968
1 strand-Brown Seed Beads BM13967
1-Silver Lobster Clasp BM11113
2-Silver Crimp Beads BM11136
24 inches-Tiger Tail

Necklace Instructions:
1. Cut 24 inch tiger tail, then string components onto center in the following order:
(1-Eye Shape Dangle, 1-Seed Bead, 1-E Bead, 1-Seed Bead, 1-E Bead, 1-Seed Bead) x 5,
(1-Eye Shape Dangle, 1-Seed Bead, 1-E Bead, 1-Starfish Pendant, 1-E Bead, 1-Seed Bead) x 5,
(1-Eye Shape Dangle, 1-Seed Bead, 1-E Bead, 1-Seed Bead, 1-E Bead, 1-Seed Bead) x 5,
1-Eye Shape Dangle.
2. Add equal quantity of brown E Beads and Brown Seed Beads onto each necklace side, alternating them and making necklace length 16 inches.
3. Attach Lobster Clasp using crimping technique.

Mother-of-Pearl Dangle Earring Materials:
2-Mother-of-Pearl Eye Shape Dangles BM11033
2-Silver Plated Starfish Charms BM10258
2-Silver Earwires BM11117
8 inches-22 Gauge Silver Wire

Earring Instructions:
1. Cut 4 inch 22 gauge wire, then slide Eye Shape Dangle to center and create a wrapped loop above.
2. Open earwire loop using pliers, slide on Dangle and Starfish Charm, then close loop.
3. Repeat steps 1–2 for 2nd earring.
NOTE: Make sure Starfish Charms are facing front.

Multi-Strand Seed Bead Necklace Materials:
2 hanks-Brown Seed Beads BM
2-Antique Silver Bead Cones BM
2-Brown E Beads BM
1 spool-Beading Thread
6 inches-24 Gauge Silver Wire
Multipurpose Adhesive

Necklace Instructions:
1. Cut 3 inch 24 gauge wire and create a wrapped loop on one side, then repeat.
2. Create 24 strands of Brown Seed Beads, varying lengths of strands from 15 to 16 inches.
3. Make knots in all 24 threads on each side of necklace, passing them through wire eye pins from step 1. Make one more knot and secure with a drop of multipurpose adhesive.
4. Slide a Bead Cone onto wire eye pin (with attached strands on one end), slide on 1-E Bead and create a wrapped loop, ensuring it is attached to lobster clasp before closing loop.
5. Apply step 4 for other side of necklace.