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Natural Elegance™ Antique Brass and Coconut Pendant Necklace and Earring Set


Necklace Materials:
1-Coconut Donut Pendant BM10732
1-Coconut Teardrop Charm BM10732
3 pkg-Antique Brass Wave Chain BM82648
16-Antique Brass Hammered Round Discs BM11188
16-Antique Brass Small Oval Jump Rings
2-Antique Brass 4mm Jump Rings BM11145
2-Antique Brass 6mm Jump Rings BM11145
1-Antique Brass Lobster Clasp BM11108

Necklace Instructions:
1. Cut 3 lengths of Wave Chain: 17, 17¾ and 18½ inches.
2. Attach chain ends to lobster clasp using 4mm jump rings in the length order.
3. Attach Coconut Teardrop Charm to center link of shortest chain using 6mm jump ring.
4. Attach Coconut Donut Pendant to center link of longest chain using 6mm jump ring.
5. Place 8-Hammered Round Discs on each side of Donut Pendant using small oval jump rings, attaching them to every other round chain link.

Earring Materials:
2-Coconut Teardrop Charms BM BM10732
2-Antique Brass Medium Oval Jump Rings
2-Antique Brass Earwires BM11114
4-Antique Brass 4mm Jump Rings BM11145

Earring Instructions:
1. Attach medium oval jump ring to Coconut Teardrop Charm.
2. Attach earwire to Teardrop Charm using 2-antique brass 4mm jump rings, placing them in the same direction.
3. Repeat steps 1–2 to create 2nd earring.