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Blue Moon Silver Fish Summer Chain Necklace and Earrings



• N.E. Silver Metal Fish Pendant BM17240
• 8 Moonstone Ovals BM18586
• 4 Clear E-beads from Moonstone strand BM18586
• 8 Wire Wrapped Green Rondells BM10169-PE-016
• 5 Blue MOP Disks BM18500
• 18 inches Fancy Rolo Silver Chain BM71017
• 3 Silver Head Pins
• 1 Silver Eye Pin 3 inches long (or silver wire)
• 10 Silver Eye Pins
• 8 Silver Oval Jump Rings BM12565
• Medium Silver Lobster Claw Clasp BM12566
• 2 Silver Ear wires
• Wire Cutters
• Round Nose Pliers
• Needle Nose Pliers


1. Place clear E-bead on 3 inch eyepin, put eyepin through tail of fish and out mouth, string another clear e-bead on tip before making wire pin end into a wrapped loop.
2. With wire cutters clip 4 segments of chain: 10 inches, 3 inches and two 2 ½ inches long.
3. Connect 3 inch segment of chain to fish tail with a turquoise disc on an eye pin, make a simple loop.
4. Create a bead segment of oval moonstones on eye pins with simple loops connected to silver wrapped large bead.
5. Connect bead segment to chain ends with silver oval jump rings.
6. Continue making two more bead segments connected to chain with jump rings as shown.
7. Attach silver lobster claw with oval jump ring to last end of chain and hook claw through wrapped fish loop.
8. Create a dangling “lure” with disc on a head pin attached to another disc and 2 clear e-beads on eye pin. Attach lure to second chain link above fish with an oval jump ring.
9. Make earring with disc on a headpin connected with simple loop to a medium wire wrapped bead.
10. Place oval moonstone on eye pin, connect to wrapped bead with a simple loop, then attach bead group to silver ear wire.
11. Repeat for second earring.