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Blue Moon Shell Fringe Necklace and Earrings



• 20 Gray Mother of Pearl Fringe Beads BM18123
• 5 Natural White MOP Marquise Shell Pendants BM11033
• 8 Foil Art Glass Beads 8mm Purple/Blue/Gold BM64516
• 6 clear E-beads from BM11033
• Matte Brown E-beads from Bead mix BM10992
• 24 inches Clear Transite Cord BM12555
• 2 Small Crimp Beads BM13229
• Antique Silver Lobster Clasp BM13227
• 2 Small Oval Jump Rings BM13236
• 2 Silver 6mm Jump Rings
• 2 Silver Ear Wires BM 12556
• Wire Cutters
• Flat Nose Pliers
• Needle Nose Pliers


1. Sort pearl fringe beads into four groups of five beads with longest beads in the center of each group as shown and place a foil glass bead on either side of each fringe group on a bead mat.
2. Place three marquise shell pieces with a clear E-bead at each side between the fringe groups.
3. Cut 24 inches of transite with wire cutters. String these beads onto transite as shown and center them.
4. Fill transite cords with approximately 5 inches of matte brown E-beads on either side.
5. Test fit necklace length (about 18 inches) and finish ends attaching lobster claw to one end and small oval jump ring to the other using silver crimps and needle nose pliers.
6. Make earring by opening a 6mm silver jump ring with both pairs of pliers (basic tech.), place through hole on marquise shell, place silver ear wire on jump ring before closing.
7. Repeat step 6 for other earring.