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Royal Boheme™ Stone Slices Necklaces


Antique Silver Branch and Green Stone Pendant Necklace

1. Glue 3-Silver 3mm Round Beads into Branch Pendant loops using multipurpose adhesive.
2. Open Green Stone Pendant bail and put Branch Pendant above stone, then close bail.
3. Cut a 24 inch tiger tail, then string Silver 3mm Round Beads along 17 inches and attach ends to lobster clasp using crimping technique.
4. Slide double pendant onto center of beaded strand.
NOTE: You may use chain as well.

1-Antique Silver 3-Loop Branch Pendant BM18319
1-Green Stone Pendant BM18266
1 pkg-Silver 3mm Round Beads BM18200
2-Silver Crimp Beads
1-Silver Lobster Clasp
24 inches-Silver Tiger Tail
Multipurpose Adhesive


Blue and Brown Stone Pendant Necklace

NOTE: Because of the unusual shape of the stone pendants, arrange them by shape and size prior to work.
1. Remove all pendant bails by opening them with pliers.
2. Cut a 3 inch 22 gauge wire, slide 1-Blue Agate Pendant to center of wire, then twist wire 3–4 times. Cut one wire end and create a loop on other end. Attach open loop to middle link of chain necklace, then finish wrapped loop.
3. Cut a 1½ inch silver fine chain.
4. Repeat step 2 for 2nd Blue Agate Pendant, attaching it to one end of chain from step 3.
5. Attach 2nd Blue Agate Pendant with chain to 1st Pendant loop using jump ring.
6. Wrap 2 more Blue Agate and 2-Brown Agate Pendants, then attach to chain necklace 1½ inches apart as shown.

4-Blue Agate Pendant s BM18259
2-Brown Agate Pendants BM18268
1-Silver Chain Necklace
1-Silver 5mm Jump Ring
18 inches-22 Gauge Silver Wire
1½ inches-Silver Fine Chain