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Royal Boheme™ Snake Necklace and Earrings


1. Attach Amber Connector to small oval jump ring on one side and to Snake Charm on the other using small oval jump ring. Repeat 2 times.
2. Attach small oval jump ring to Amber Charm, then repeat.
3. Combine 6 packages of Dangles and sort by size (5 sizes total), then divide all Dangles in half.
4. Cut 17 inch length of necklace memory wire.
5. Slide Amber Connector with attached Snake Charm to center of memory wire, then string components onto one side of necklace in the following order:
3-longest Dangles, 6-shorter Dangles, Amber Connector with attached Snake Charm, 12-next smallest size Dangles, Amber Charm, 6-shortest Dangles, 3-Flat Round Beads.
6. Slide all components in the same order onto other side of wire.
7. Add equal amount of crimp beads on each end of wire, making total necklace length 16 inches.
8. Create simple loops on memory wire ends and attach lobster clasp using small oval jump rings.

3-Snake Charms BM18169
5-Amber Crystal Charms and Connectors BM18293
6 pkg-Metal Dangle Drops OXG BM18339
10-Antique Gold Small Oval Jump Rings
6-Antique Gold 8mm Flat Round Beads
1 pkg-Antique Gold Crimp Beads
1-Antique Gold Lobster Clasp
17 inches-Necklace Memory Wire


1. Attach Amber Crystal Connector to Snake Charm using small oval jump ring on one side and to earwire on the other by opening and then closing earwire loop.
2. Repeat step 1 to create 2nd earring.

2-Snake Charms BM18169
2-Amber Crystal Connectors BM18293
2-Antique Gold Small Oval Jump Rings
2-Antique Gold Earwires