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Gibson -
-, Utah

My Smooshie is named Bibity-Bop! He lives in a world called Drim-Drim. He has funky ears so he can hear all of the secret sounds in the land of Drim-Drim. He only has on eye because “well, he IS a monster”. He uses his spiky teeth to bight someone if they come to Drim-Drim with germs. His Camouflage pink legs help him to hide in the forest of Drim-Drim so he can catch the people coming with germs. Bibity Bop likes to ride on his little tiny motorcycle through the land of Drim-Drim. For lunch he eats bugs but for dinner he eats junk food. Bibity-Bop feels lonely sometimes when he wakes up for the day because he gets up early and no one else is awake yet!