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Red Ceramic Bead with Antique Gold Necklace



• 3 Red Ceramic Rectangular Beads BM18532
• 4 Antique Gold Round Metal Charms BM18290
• 6 Pear Shaped Pearls – Red Mix BM10996
• 2 Shell MOP Pieces -Red Mix BM10996
• 3 Antique Gold 2 Inch Long Eye Pins BM13232
• 4 Antique Gold Jump Rings Small Ovals
• 1 Antique Gold Jump Ring Round
• Medium Antique Gold Lobster Clasp BM13226
• 13 Inches Antique Gold Chain
• Wire Cutters
• Round Nose Pliers
• Needle Nose Pliers


1. Place 2 oval pearls and red ceramic bead on a 2 inch eye pin with small points toward bead and make a simple loop with round nose pilers. Repeat and create two more of the same links.
2. Connect two of the links from step 1 to 3 antique gold metal round charms as shown.
3. Connect the third link from step 1 to the middle charm so that it hangs down as shown and connect another metal charm below it.
4. Hang two shell pieces on a gold jump ring to dangle below the bottom charm.
5. Cut two 5 ½ inch pieces of antique gold chain and attach to upper ends of gold charms with small oval antique gold jump rings.
6. Attach medium gold lobster clasp and tag with oval jump rings to finish necklace.