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Manor House™ Butterfly Bracelet


1. Cut four 8-inch lengths of tiger tail, then attach all 4-tiger tails to one wing of Butterfly Pendant using crimping technique.
2. String 7-Coin Beads onto each tiger tail, making 2-Purple and 2-Green Coin Bead strands.
3. Attach two outer bead strands to outer clasp loops and two inner strands to middle clasp loop using crimping technique.
4. Apply steps 1–3 to other Butterfly Pendant wing.
1 – Antique Silver Butterfly Pendant BM16137
28 – Purple Coin Beads BM16024
28 – Green Coin Beads BM16023
16 – Antique Silver Crimp Beads
1 – Antique Silver Three Loop Clasp
64 in. – Tiger Tail