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Inspirations Bracelet



1. Cut two chain lengths from remaining chain, making them the right length for your wrist. Attach to the clasp with jump rings.
2. On one chain, add a connector in the center by cutting the chain, removing 3-4 links and assembling pieces with jump rings.
3. On the other chain, add bird and star charms and wood rings with jump rings randomly on the chain. Add 4-5 shell bead charms.


1. Make 8 bead links using any beads or combinations of bead desired.
2. Cut 6 lengths of chain, using both types of chain, the length you desire for final necklace length. In the model, the bottom sections are 3” and the top sections are 4”.
3. Using side cutters, cut wood rings apart so you have individual rings.
4. Assemble two necklace lengths, one longer than the other. Lengths will be determined by you. Assemble the pieces in random order: chain, connectors, bead links, wood circles. Use jump rings to connect everything and to connect the lengths to the clasp.
5. Attach one bird charm using a jump ring any place you desire. Attach three shell bead charms on one section of chain.

1. Make a bead link: Cut a piece of wire, make a loop at one end. String desired beads. Make a loop at the other end.
2. Make a bead dangle: String desired bead(s) on head pin. Bend wire 90 degrees above the top bead. Use side cutters to trim wire to about 1/2”. Grab the very end of the wire with the round nose pliers and roll pliers toward the bead, making a loop.
3. Using a jump ring: Open the jump ring using two pair of pliers, by twisting the ends away from each other. String open jump ring through loop. Close jump ring.
4. Follow the photo exactly, or use the techniques to design your own version of these pieces.