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Reflections™ Gold Leaf Necklace


1. Cut 25” length of braided leather cord.
2. Separate each end of the braided cord into four individual strands to approximately 3” above the end of the cord.
3. On one side of the cord, make a knot just above the separated strands.
4. Cut one of four cord strands as close to the knot as possible. The design only uses three of the four individual strands.
5. String small gold tag on the one cord end. Make a double overhand knot above the tag leaving ½” between the tag and the large knot created in Step 3. Cut the excess cord as close to your knot as possible.
6. Repeat Step 5 for the two other separated cord ends using different gold tags. Vary the distance of the tag from the large knot ½” – 1” so the three charms dangle separately.
7. String two metal beads on to the cord. Place the first bead next to the large knot created in Step 3. Tie a knot just above the remaining individual strands. The second bead will rest on this new knot.
8. Repeat Steps 4-6 to finish the second side of the necklace.
9. Cut the cord into two pieces. One side will measure 12” and the other will measure 13” from each of the large knots.
10. Attach cord ends to the both leather cords using the cord end technique.
11. Attach a toggle clasp to the cord ends using 4mm gold jump rings using the jump ring technique.
12. Put both leather cords together, taking care to ensure the longer strand extends approximately 1" beyond the shorter strand.
13. Use 6" of 24 gauge gold wire to attach the gold leaf pendant to both cords. Wrap the wire around the cords until the majority of the wire has been used. Hide the end of the wire by wrapping the wire onto itself and trimming the excess.

Additional Products Used

25” of brown braided cord BM12272
2- gold metal beads BM56465
2- gold cord ends
6” of 24 gauge gold wire