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Reflections™ Multi-strand Black Cord Bracelet


1. Cut 16 - 6 ½” lengths of 1mm cotton cord.
2. On one side of the bracelet, glue all of the cord ends together using quick drying glue.
3. String one word bead on the each cord.
4. Cut a 4” piece of 24 gauge silver wire.
5. Fold wire piece in the middle and wrap around glued leather cords approximately ¼” from the ends. Twist wires to secure.
6. String bead cap on the both wires. Make a wrapped loop using the wrapped loop technique.
7. To finish the second side, glue all of the remaining cord ends together using quick drying glue. Apply Steps 4-6 to this second side.
8. Use 5mm silver jump rings and the jump ring technique to attach toggle clasp parts to the wrapped loops on each side of the bracelet.
9. Use a 5mm silver jump ring to attach the small metal heart charm to the toggle loop.

Additional Products Used

1 - small heart charm #BM12126
3 - 5mm silver jump rings BM12258
8” of 22 gauge silver wire
Quick drying glue