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Wood and Ceramic Bracelet


1. Attach a jump ring to both toggle pieces.
2. Open the first link of the chain. Attach to one jump ring. Making the chain the right length to fit the wrist, open a link, remove the rest of the chain and attach the open link to the other jump ring.
3. Cut the beading wire into three 12”pieces. Crimp all three pieces together to one jump ring.
4. Over all strands, string three small round black beads. On one strand, string round shell beads. One the second strand, string flat rounds alternating with small round black beads. On third strand, string turquoise beads, alternating with round black beads and small wood beads. Adjust strands to be the same length.
5. On all strands, string three small round black beads. Crimp all strands together to the other jump ring.
6. Spaced evenly, attach three word charms with jump rings. Attach one to each strand of beads.

1. Using a jump ring. Open the jump ring using two pair of pliers by twisting the ends away from each other. Never pull the ends apart. String the open jump ring through loop. Twist jump ring closed.


Reflections™, 1 pkg each: BM12136 silver oval links chain BM12236 silver toggle clasps BM12089 reversible metal word tags Natural Elegance™, 1 pkg. each: BM11134 antique silver crimp beads BM11145 antique silver jump rings BM10651 round amber shell beads BM10771 wood wheel palm beads BM10420 round ceramic turquoise beads 1 yard bead stringing wire Crimping tool Side cutters Chain nose pliers, 2 pair