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Lost & Found™ Owl Necklace


1.Cut 6-1” lengths; 2-2 ½” lengths and 1-4” length of Antique Silver Small Link Chain.

2.Attach each side of 1-Antique Silver Lobster Clasp to one end of each piece of 2 ½” length of chain with 5mm jump rings and the jump ring technique.

3.Make bead connectors by stringing the following components on 1-2” Oxidized Silver Eye Pin: 1-Small Bead Cap, 1 – Large Bead Cap, 1-Black Velvet Bead, 1-Large Bead Cap and 1-Small Bead Cap. Finish with a simple loop using the simple loop technique.

4.Repeat Step 3 seven additional times to create a total of 8 bead connectors.

5.Connect chain pieces in the following order using beaded connectors by opening loop and closing the loop on the bead connector: 2½” chain, beaded connector, (1” chain, beaded connector) x 3 times, 4” chain, beaded connector, (1” chain, beaded connector) x 3 times, 2 ½” chain.

6.Attach 3-5mm jump rings together to form a chain. Attach the bottom jump ring to 1-Antique Silver Owl Pendant. Attach the top jump ring to the middle link of the 4” chain.

7.Attach 15 Bead Dangles from Assorted and Black Bead Dangle packages along central chain piece, distributing them evenly by opening wire loop and closing after.

Additional Products Used

32 pc – Bead Caps (1 pkg - BM10006)