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Global Nomad™ Horn Necklace & Earrings


Necklace Instructions:

*The finished necklace length is approximately 20” not including the pendant dangle.

1. Prepare the chain by separating the chain into the following lengths 2-2” and 2-14” lengths of the Silver Small Link Chain. Separate 10 individual links from the Silver Large Ling Chain.

2. Attach 1-2” length of the Silver Small Link Chain to each side of 1-Antique Silver Toggle Clasp by opening and closing the last chain link as you would a jump ring using the Jump Ring Technique. Attach the 2-14” lengths of Silver Small Link Chain to the last link of one piece of the 2” chain.

3. Slide on 4-links of the Silver Large Link Chain to form the top of the pendant dangle. Connect the 4-links together using 1-link of the Large Silver Link Chain. Position this link so it hangs perpendicular to the 4-links. Attach 5-links of the Silver Large Link Chain to the bottom portion of the single link to form the bottom of the pendant dangle.

4. Attach the Horn Pendant to the middle link of the bottom pendant dangle.

5. Create 9 beaded drops using beads from the Black & Brown Bead Mix. Attach 2-beaded drops directly to the Silver Small Link Chain on either side of the pendant dangle using Simple Loops. Attach the remaining 7-beaded drops to the remaining 4-links of the bottom pendant dangle.

Earring Instructions:

1. String on 1-Small Round Metal Bead from the Bead Mix onto 1-2” Silver Head Pin. Create a simple loop using the Simple Loop Technique.

2. String on 1-Black Oval Bead from the Bead Mix and 1-Silver Spacer Bead onto 1-2” Silver Eye Pin.

3. Attach the beaded eye pin to 1-Silver Ear Wire with a simple loop.

4. Attach the beaded head pin from Step 1 to the bottom loop of the beaded eye pin.

5. Repeat Steps 1-4 to complete the second earring.

1 pc – Horn Pendant (1 pkg: BM13915)

26 pc – Black & Brown Bead Mix (2 pkg: BM13885)

32” – Silver Small Link Chain (1 pkg: BM13824)

10 links – Silver Large Link Chain (1 pkg: BM13823)

1 pc – Antique Silver Toggle Clasp (1 pkg: BM14026)

11 pc – 2” Silver Head Pins

6 pc – 2” Silver Eye Pins

2 pc – Silver Earring Findings