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Lost & Found Drops & Dangles Bracelet


1. Working with the long piece of chain, remove two lengths of chain; one that is the right length for your bracelet and one that is the same length plus 5 links. Remove two single links. Lengths and links are removed by opening a link with chain nose pliers.
2. Using a single link like a jump ring, attach the ends of both lengths of chain to the circle toggle piece.
3. Using the remaining single link as a jump ring, attach the end link of the short chain and the sixth link of the longer chain to the bar toggle piece.
4. Remove the beads from the clusters. Turn each into a charm.
5. To hang a bead charm: remove a single link from the remaining chain. Use it like a jump ring to attach the bead charm to the bracelet. Attach the charm through a link on each chain, holding the two bracelet chains together. Attach as many bead charms as desired. The model has 14 evenly spaced around the bracelet.
6. Open the last link on the chain “tail”. String filigree locket on and close link. Attach a bead charm to the second link of the “tail”.

1. Using a chain link as a jump ring. Open the link using two pair of pliers by twisting the ends away from each other. Never pull the ends apart. String the open link through the piece being attached. Twist link closed.
2. Turning a bead into a charm. String the bead onto a head pin. Using chain nose pliers, bend the head pin 90 degrees as close to the bead as you can. Using side cutters, trim the head pin wire to about ½”. Using round nose pliers, grab the very end of the wire and roll back toward the bead, forming a loop. Be sure there is not a gap between the end of the loop and the beginning of the loop.

Blue Moon Beads® Lost & Found™, 1 pkg each:
BM12355 Antique silver oval links chain
BM12456 antique silver toggle clasps
BM12392 antique silver lockets
BM12444 head pins
Blue Moon Beads® Lost & Found, 2 pkgs each:
BM11606 crystal AB clusters
BM11607 grey clusters