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Lost & Found Owl Necklace


1. Make two lengths of beads and connectors as follows: connect three 6 mm black beads and then three 8mm black beads together. Connect by twisting open a loop, stringing it through the next loop and then closing the loop. On each strand add a 10mm black bead and a rectangle crystal connector. Repeat four more times. Finish each strand with a 10mm black bead.

2. Attach the ends with the small beads to the lobster and the lobster tab using jump rings.

3. The large black beads are the center of the necklace. Attach them to each other with a jump ring. On the jump ring, dangling down, attach another 10mm black bead and the owl pendant.

When using a jump ring, open the jump ring using two pair of pliers by twisting the ends away from each other. Never pull the ends apart. String the open jump ring through loop. Twist jump ring closed.