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Natural Elegance Shell Bauble Bracelet


1. Measure around arm. Cut length of chain needed for bracelet. Open link at one end. String bar toggle piece on, close link. Repeat at other end of chain with circle toggle piece.
2. Make bead charms, as many as desired. The sample has 8 bead charms made from white shells and 18 bead charms made of one cone bead topped with one round bead.
3. Attach each bead charm to the bracelet by twisting open the wire loop, hooking over a link of the bracelet, and closing the loop.

Project Tip:
1. Turning a bead into a charm. String the bead onto a head pin. Using chain nose pliers, bend the head pin 90 degrees as close to the bead as you can. Using side cutters, trim the head pin wire to about ½”. Using round nose pliers, grab the very end of the wire and roll back toward the bead, forming a loop. Be sure there is not a gap between the end of the loop and the beginning of the loop.

Blue Moon Beads® Natural Elegance™, 1 pkg. each:
BM11163 gold chain
BM10640 4mm round natural shell beads
BM10681 shell beads, white
BM10663 shell cone beads
BM11143 gold head pins
Blue Moon Reflections, 1 pkg:
BM12243 gold toggle clasps