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Natural Elegance Twisted Shell Bracelet


1. Cut the tiger tail into two equal pieces. Crimp both pieces to the toggle bar.
2. String three round beads on both strands.
3. On the lefthand wire, string six round beads. On the righthand wire, string six popcorn beads and one round bead. String the end of the lefthand wire (holding the round beads) up through the bottom of the fourth popcorn bead. String through two popcorn beads. String six round beads on that same wire. String the end of that wire through the bottom round bead on the other wire, stringing in the opposite direction as the wire that is already in it. This is one pattern.
4. Repeat the pattern five more times.
5. String three round beads over both strands.
6. Pull all beads snug, crimp circle part of toggle to the end.

Blue Moon Beads® Natural Elegance™, 1 pkg each:
BM10641 4mm round natural shell beads
BM11038 shell popcorn beads
BM11136 Two silver crimp tubes
Blue Moon Beads® Reflections™, 1 pkg each:
BM12238 silver toggle clasps

1 yard of tiger tail
Crimping tool