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Best Wishes

Best Wishes:

Size of paper needed to make the project: 12" x 12"
Approximate Crafting Time: 30 minutes to 1 hour 
If you need a get-well-soon card or are congratulating a newlywed couple, check out this project!

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  • DCWV 12”x12” Embossed White Stack
  • Sticker sentiment
  • Watercolors
  • Coordinating cardstock
  • Sewing machine (or needle and thread)
  • Rhinestone embellishments
  • Coloring book icon
  • Scissors
  • Paper Crafting adhesive
  • Paper Trimmer
  • Pencil (optional) 
  1. Create 4-1/4”x5-1/2” card with the piece of solid cardstock. 
  2. Cut a 3-3/4”x5” piece of embossed cardstock from desired design in the embossed stack.  Adhere this to the front of the card.  Add a straight stitch around all sides, 1/8” in from the edges of the cardstock piece. 
  3. Add watercolors to the card in dots, dabs, and strokes to enhance the embossed cardstock design.  Set aside to dry.
  4. Cut out an icon from a coloring book.  Add watercolors to this as well, being careful to use a minimal amount of water to allow for easy drying.
  5. Once the icon is dry (as well as the card), adhere the icon to the card as desired.  If needed, add additional watercolors or leave as is.
  6. Adhere rhinestones onto the card and icon where desired.
  7. Add a sticker sentiment to the bottom to finish.
  • To avoid transferring adhesive onto a sewing machine/needle, use adhesive to secure the center area of the embossed cardstock in place and then stitch around the outside.
  • Don’t have a coloring book you want to cut up? Find a custom image on the Internet and print it out to use on the card.