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Winter Village updates

Winter Village updates:

Stack needed to make the project: DCWV 12"x12" DIY Project Stack: Winter Village 
Have you noticed there are a few extra words printed on 3 of the house pieces? We apologize for that mistake—and have an easy fix for you! Click on the directions tab and follow along to make things look practically perfect! 

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  • DCWV 12"x12" DIY project stack: Winter Village
  • Paper Crafting adhesive
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  1. Punch out all pieces needed for "House 2". Hold onto 2 of the window square punchouts as well.
  2. Cut out a supplemental piece from the silver glitzy glitter cardstock measuring 2-3/4"x3/4".
  3. Assemble the house, adhering everything together except for the outside of the piece framing the door.
  4. Adhere one of the window squares to the front of the house (centered between the sides, covering the wording) and one to the back in the same area.  Adhere the remaining piece on the front of the house over the square.  
  5. Fold the remaining piece from step 2 in half lengthwise and put it over the bridge of the roof, adhering it in place as shown.
  • Depending the theme or color of your decor, try cutting contrasting pieces to highlight the front and back of the house as well as the top of the house instead of using pieces already in the stack!