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Stacked Pumpkin Decor

Stacked Pumpkin Decor:

Size of paper needed to make the project: 12" x 12"
Approximate Crafting Time: 2+ hours
Need an autumn touch to any room? Check out this project!

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  • DCWV 12”x12” Autumn Leaves Stack
  • DCWV 12”x12” DIY Project Stack: Pumpkins
  • (2) 12”x12” Brown cardstock sheet
  • 6 large brads
  • Personal die cut machine with various leaf die cut shapes as well as a variable circle
  • Tulle (white or silver)
  • Empty can (preferably a tuna can or something similar), washed and dried
  • Orange Twine
  • Cream twine
  • Paper trimmer
  • Scissors
  • Paper crafting Adhesive
  • Ruler
  • Pencil 
  1. Assemble a small, medium, and large pumpkin using the directions included in the stack.
  2. Select a variety of coordinating prints (5-6) from the Autumn Leaves Stack.  Cut a handful of leaves from each of these pages.  Remove several leaves from the Pumpkin stack as well.  Bend, shape, roll, etc. these leaves to give them a lifelike look. 
  3. Cut the wood page from the Autumn Leaves stack into a 12” circle.  Cut (2) 6-1/4” circles from the brown cardstock sheets.  Mount them (1 on each side) to the center of the larger circle. 
  4. Starting at the outside of the larger circle, make a cut from the edge to the center circles every 1-3/4” to 2” until there is a loose fringe around the entire circle.  Score or fold the flaps into the center (with the print out). 
  5. Cut (2) 1-1/2”x12” strips from the copper foil/white dot print.  Adhere them together to create a 1-1/2”x 23” strip.  With the help of another, fold all the strips of the circle up to a 90-degree angle, creating a basket.  Wrap the dot strip around the middle of the basket and adhere the other end in place (trimming any excess paper) to create a band to hold the strips up.
  6. Cut (2) 3/8”x12” strips from the copper flower/brown print.  Adhere them together to create one long strip.  Wrap the strip around the top of the basket, adhering it in place along the top border as shown (*Note: this should be tight around the top).
  7. Adhere the bottom of the empty can to the center of the empty basket (this helps the top not outweigh the bottom of the display).
  8. Create (2) “spacers” using (2) 1/2”x12” strips of paper (preferably strips from the Pumpkin paper).  Using one for each, create a 3” and 5” circle, adhering the excess in the middle of each circle for added stability.
  9. Adhere the small and medium pumpkins together, adding the smaller spacer and several leaves between the two. 
  10. Adhere the top 2 pumpkins to the larger pumpkin, adding the larger spacer and several leaves in between the medium and large pumpkin. 
  11. Adhere the stacked pumpkin set to the can in the basket. 
  12. Embellish the display with several more leaves, tulle in the basket, curled twine, etc.
  13. Finish off the project by adding a stem to the top pumpkin.  To do this, cut a 1”x12” strip of brown cardstock.  Roll it loosely (not uniformly) into a 1-1/4” tall tube (should measure approximately 1/2" or less across).  Adhere this to the top pumpkin. Add a strip of twine around the outside of the stem, tying it off in the front with a bow.
  • This decor project is adorable and will be sure to catch your guests' attention!