Cactus, cacti, paper all works!

by Karen Hanson | 4 years ago


Hi everyone!  This is Social Media Design Team Member Karen H. and today I wanted to share a project that is a bit on the prickly side (not sure I ever thought I would say that when I started crafting)!

Recently, I received the DIY Project Stack Paper Plants (available at JoAnn).  I actually wasn’t that surprised – cacti have been all over home décor posts lately, and this stack seemed right in line with that trend.  What I loved about this stack in particular was that the papers were not only double-sided, but gave me the choice of working with a more traditional solid colour on one side or patterned on the other.  Given that my “framed cactus” idea seemed pretty far from realistic, I gravitated towards the patterned for the majority of my creations.



I’m not sure if you have ever worked with the project stacks before, but they are some of my favourites.  I tend to be a “old school” crafter – because I craft on my kitchen table, dragging out my cutting machine and large tools always seems like a huge hassle (who wants to spend time cleaning off the table – I just want to cut and glue!).  These project stacks come with the templates, so all you need to do is trace, cut and glue!  Now these cacti do involve a lot of cutting and gluing, but the depth of shape you will get is well worth it.  In the end, all 7 of these took me only about an hour to create.  And there is no need to be “perfect” in cutting out each shape – the pieces are meant to look organic so just have fun and relax as you cut.  Oh, and don’t worry - these are not nearly as sharp and prickly as the real deal!



Once I had all my creations together, I simply glued them into the photo spot in a rectangular frame (without the glass).  This gives me some flexibility to change these paper plants out for the season without having to create a new frame.  Although, I have to say that I like these so much that they are definitely staying for awhile.  Hmmm – can you imagine a whole wall full of these?!

Thanks for stopping by!


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