Classy Copper: Metallic love!

by Jessica Pascarella | 5 years ago

Hello, DCWV friends! It's Jessi! I was lucky enough to attend the CHA Mega Show in January and I came home inspired! One section of the show showcased Hot Trends for 2016. One of the trends mentioned was the use of metallic colors. When I hear metallic colors, I usually think about gold/bronze colors. When Megan handed me on of the new DCWV stacks, Classy Copper, I fell in love with the copper touches. I could not wait to get to work!

I really wanted to make the copper touches to POP off the card! Time to gather the supplies!



Most of the time when I sit down to create a card, I create as I go. Sometimes when I picture a card in my head, I pre-cut all the elements before I start piecing the card together. When I was going through the DCWV stack, I pulled out a few different prints to work with and started to cut out the elements.

After spending over 30 minutes re-arranging the pieces, I could not make up my mind. I turned to my DCWV DT sisters and they came to the rescue! In fact, they made a suggestion that I never thought about and it WORKED! (Thanks, Tessa!)

So here is the final product! I am pretty happy with how it turned out!



Thank you for stopping by today! I hope you have a wonderful one!  


**Classy Copper stack comes out today!  Start stalking your local Michaels!**


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