Happy Thanksgiving (almost!)

by Beth Fiscus | 3 years ago

Hello all! Beth from the DCWV Social Media Design Team here.  Thanksgiving will be here in a little over a week.  Are you going to someone else's house for the holiday or are you having a gathering at your house?  If you're going somewhere for the day, my project would be perfect for presenting them with a hostess gift!

This gift box uses the DCWV Embossed White stack (available at Joann's and Hobby Lobby).  I will have the directions to create it below.

I decorated the top with the DCWV Pumpkins DIY Project Stack.  That bow?  It simply four of the pumpkin wedges with their ends placed together and a brad holding them in place!  All of the leaves were from that stack as well.  The tag is from the DCWV/Lia Griffith Tags & Labels set.  I used Blue Moon Beads twine to attach the tag to the box.

Ready for those box instructions?  Here they are!
To create the base:
1.  Using a 12"x12" Embossed White cardstock sheet, score it at 2-1/2" and 9-1/2".  Rotate paper 90 degrees and score at the same places again.
2.  Fold on the score lines.  Clip part of 2 score lines on opposite sides of the paper (see picture below).
3.  Flip paper so the right side is up.  Add a strong adhesive to the four corners.  Fold the corners inside and adhere them to create the square base.
To create the top of the box, start with a piece of Embossed White cardstock that is 11-5/8"x11-5/8".  Score at 2-1/4" and 9-3/8", rotate 90 degrees and score using the same measurements again.  Follow the rest of the instructions for the bottom from that point forward.
Wouldn't this be a great box to use as Christmas wrapping as well?  What would you add to the top as your special touch?
I hope you have a wonderfully crafty day!


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