It's beginning to look like Christmas...slowly but surely!

by Karla Der | 4 years ago

Hello! This is Karla from the DCWV social media design team. I have a home decor project to show you today. I just happen to be a little behind on Christmas and this is the only evidence of December in my house.  We don't even have a tree yet!

It was super easy to create these decorations with the DCWV Moravian Star Light Up Stack and the Lia Griffith Paper Lanterns.  Both of these are available at Jo-Ann stores.

There's a great tutorial for assembling the winter lantern on the Lia Griffith website.

You can spray the lantern layers and ink them with a soft sponge if you want a colorful lantern. I really wanted a white one, though. The detail looks wonderful in real life! 

I added an LED candle to the lantern and I turn it on every night during dinner. It makes everything just a little more cozy!

Next up is the Moravian Star. This is one of those projects that I did while watching TV. I started assembling the star by making clusters of 5 with the little triangles. I used Scor-Tape to hold it together.  I left one side of the last triangle open to insert the string of lights. 

I inserted the assembled star through some gardening twine from the open side to a corner on the opposite side. I made sure the weight of the star would be distributed through multiple triangles. I hung the on/off switch over the twine. 

I added  bit of adhesive in the open tabs, making sure there's still plenty of space to slide the lights and twine out.  This stack has 2 sets of lights, so I used the second set around the twine so that the twine and star both light up! 

Thanks for stopping by, hope your week is off to a great start!


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