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Hi everyone!  It’s Social Media Design Team member Karen and I have a bit of a confession to make - I have a really hard time making masculine cards!  I handmake all the cards that I give to my family members, but I always cringe a bit inside when it comes time to get out the crafty supplies for my husband, my dad, my brother, my nephew and all the other males in my life!  That is – until I got my hands on the new Treasures stack available at Michaels!

This stack is filled with all sorts of “vintage” patterns and images...and there is a lot to work with here!  I tend to be a “bright and cute” crafter, but this stack had me changing my ways.  In fact, even though I started out trying to make only one card for my nephew’s upcoming birthday, I ended up cardmaking all afternoon with this stack and created cards for the whole year – a handful of which I get to show you today!





One of my favourite pieces of paper in this stack is filled with block letters of different colours and textures.  I love these because not only are they really easy to fussy cut, but they are the perfect size to add a word to a card or even a title on a layout!  No cutting machine needed – just a good old pair of scissors!  For one card in this style, I used the word “wish” and for the other, I simply cut some letters for the month in which the birthday falls.  I added a few embellishments and I was all set!





Some of my favourite cards came from playing with the papers that featured numbers, and there are all sorts of different ones to use.  For some, I simply cut out number representing the age of the recipient, and for others, I played around a bit by adding two signs featuring numbers.  Now be careful with this one – while not all of the sign will be “grammatically correct” if you add a number (like my “43th”), you may catch a bit of slack from the language experts in your house.  I happened to like the playful aspect that this added to the card, so I went with it anyway.  After all, it was pretty clear with my colour choice that the 3 was added into a sign. 

So there you have it – a stack that will have you crafting like crazy, even in a style or for a project theme that isn’t in your comfort zone!  I call that a Treasure for sure!

Thanks for stopping by! 


**The Treasures stack is available today at your local Michaels!!** 


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